The journal was founded by Kutafin Moscow State Law University. It is registered in the in the Roskomnadzor Registry (number PI № FS 77 – 72703 from 23.04.2018).

ISSN 2782-6155 (Online)

The international research and practical journal is published 4 times a year from April 2018. Languages of the edition: Russian, English.

Ethical policy



All-Russia non-profit organization ‘Association of Russia’s Lawyers’

All-Russia non-profit organization ‘Association of Russian Diplomats’


The journal is positioned as the first periodical printed edition dedicated to the aspects of financial regulation of digital economy in Russia and other states.


students and staff of legal departments of universities, state officials, lawyers specializing in legal regulation of digital economy, business and competition law, small and medium business, researchers, master and PhD students and all readers interested in the aspects and topical matters of developing legal regulation of digital economy in Russia and other states.

Main themes

  • State regulation of the digital economy
  • Legal regulation of crypto currency and mining
  • Crowdfunding (problems and perspectives)
  • Legal regulation of Big Data
  • Technology of blockchains and cryptocurrency (bitcoin, Copernicus, Ethereum, etc.)
  • Interests and contradictions associated with blockchains in Finance
  • Financial technologies in the current Russian and international legal framework
  • Digital technology in the sphere of intellectual property and innovation
  • Legal status of smart contracts
  • Protection of rights and legal interests of participants in digital markets
  • Information security


    Kutafin Moscow state law university (MSAL)
    Publisher’s address: 125993. 9 Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya str., Moscow, Russia.